Ryan Hostetler’s experience is concentrated on revenue generation through new ventures, customer acquisition initiatives, and maximizing the lifetime value of customers in the financial services and ecommerce spaces.

Ryan also has experience developing and executing campaigns and memorable content for innovative organizations such as Google, Bank of America, Cook Medical, Edible Arrangements, AT&T, and Abbott Labs.


    Building a New Business

    Industry: Real Estate, Financial Services

    Ryan Hostetler is responsible for cross-product revenue generation for, a revolutionary new way to buy and sell homes. He is accountable for product management and marketing of financial service products to home buyers and sellers working with Ryan’s efforts have produced a customer lifetime value (CLV) increase of 50%. Ryan has helped establish the customer journey for all customers by launching the first inside sales team, designing CRM solutions (Salesforce), and supporting a field sales team of 200+ agents in eight markets. He built and managed inbound marketing processes which has given the ability to acquire and convert leads in major markets throughout the US.

  • Edible Arrangements

    Edible Arrangements

    Growing an Innovative Brand

    Industry: Ecommerce, Franchise

    Ryan Hostetler managed and developed marketing strategies, campaigns, and new initiatives for Edible Arrangements International, a half-billion-dollar organization with over 1,200 locations worldwide. He was accountable for consumer brand strategy, campaign management, social media, international marketing, agency management, and B2B product management. Ryan Managed direct-to-consumer initiatives responsible for 9% YOY increase in gross revenue. He also developed B2B marketing strategies responsible for 19% YOY increase in conversions and increased capital investment from franchisees. Ryan Oversaw the development of an award-winning B2B website as well as creative assets for rich media advertising. Ryan also worked with world-class agencies to develop advertising campaigns and brand strategy.

  • Netsolace


    Finding New Growth Opportunities

    Industry: Software, Technology

    Ryan Hostetler provided marketing support for Netsolace (now Naranga), a SaaS firm that provides software solutions to nearly 100 retail franchise systems. Ryan was brought on to help reposition the company for growth. Ryan’s efforts produced significant revenue growth through new customer acquisition and CLV increase from existing customers.

  • Bank of America

    Bank of America

    Supporting Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

    Industry: Financial Services

    Ryan Hostetler was tasked with attracting entrepreneurs to invest in Edible Arrangement by purchasing new and existing franchise locations. To accomplish this goal, Ryan partnered with Bank of America’s small business lending team to launch a joint marketing campaign to promote small business opportunities. The campaign included email blasts, digital banner advertising, video, and print collateral. The results surpassed expectations and the partnership was a success for both parties.

  • Trachoma in Ethiopia

    Trachoma in Ethiopia

    Promoting Healthcare Innovations in Africa

    Industry: International Healthcare

    Ryan Hostetler supported an awareness campaign for The Carter Center’s work preventing Trachoma in Ethiopia. Ryan oversaw the production and deliverables of the campaign’s media content, which aired nationally on CNN.
    Ryan also worked as an Environmental and Health News Media Editor for Biscardi Creative Media and Cielo Global Health Media, an organization that promotes innovations that solve environmental and global health problems. Ryan’s work appeared weekly on national channels including PBS, NBC, and Yahoo! News.

  • Google


    Content is King

    Industry: Digital Media, Viral Content

    Ryan Hostetler had the opportunity to work on a turn-key project funded by Google. Ryan managed the creation of over 30 minutes worth of digital media content that earned 12M impressions as well as a feature in USA Today and the front page of Variety Magazine.
    Ryan leveraged this opportunity to launch Silly Monster Media, a firm that acquired, produced and sold intellectual media properties. Ryan pitched and sold media properties to Disney, Netflix, Time Warner, Viacom, Defy Media, and Atomic Media, among others.

  • Cook Medical

    Cook Medical

    Launching Products and Communicating Success

    Industry: Healthcare, Technology

    Ryan Hostetler led a team that was tasked with creating digital marketing content for Cook Medical, a major medical device producer with over 16,000 products. The team generated market-leading content that promoted the company’s innovations to shareholders and customers.

  • Global Health & Economic Development

    Global Health & Economic Development

    Eliminating Barriers to Development

    Industry: NGO, International Aid

    Ryan Hostetler provided digital marketing and media support to The 410 Bridge, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to holistic community development in impoverished communities throughout Africa and Central America. Ryan was tasked with creating marketing content and collateral to garner awareness and support for the organization’s efforts. Ryan’s work increased awareness and donor confidence amidst the recession. Ryan’s work also helped establish critical partnerships with NGOs, for-profit companies, and high-profile donors.

  • Abbott Labs

    Abbott Labs

    Launching New Products

    Industry: Healthcare, Technology

    Ryan Hostetler was part of a team that was tasked with creating digital marketing content for a new release of Abbott Labs’ AlphaTRAK line and other veterinary medical device products. The project included creative strategy, development, and media production. The end product included marketing collateral and instructional media for new product users.